An Invitation to Hope: Mission through Prayer and Lament

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A piece of music and imagery used to help us in a time of prayer, lament and reflection.

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Upcoming events

Navigating Trauma launch event

Navigating Trauma is a Bible-based initiative that uses the Scriptures to accompany participants in their journey through the effects of trauma towards a place of peace. It's designed to help churches, faith groups and chaplains support their communities through the impact of these traumas.

Book your free place at the Navigating Trauma launch event to find out how your church could offer this programme to your community.

Parish in Pandemic Spring Series

For those who'd like to explore in more depth the Lumino platform designed to help you understand and build bridges with your local community, we're running three smaller gatherings as workshops this spring. They will be held on Tuesday 13 April, Thursday 29 April and Tuesday 18 May between 10 am and 12 noon. If you would like to register for one of these free events please email:


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