From understanding to action: making research matter

Hear from mission practitioners and Bible communicators on how they use the Bible in their work and their tips for communicating with each of the personas.

Case study: using the Bible with Bible Nostalgic people

The key question Bible communicators face is, how can I interpret the Bible's text in a way that really connects with the people I'm speaking to?

Case study: using the Bible with Bible Conflicted people

The Bible is full of great stories and profound wisdom. It's also a long, complicated book that contains things that are quite difficult to understand.

Luke Walton

Why this is the best Christmas film since Die Hard

Bible Indifferent people are unlikely to watch Bible-themed films this Christmas, but a popular dystopian masterpiece (currently on Netflix) features a contemporary take on the nativity.

Rick Warren presenting at ABLI

Rick Warren: Why should we read the Bible?

The author of The Purpose Driven Life talks about how the Bible can change lives.

What Lumino can do for you and your church

Chief Executive Paul Williams explains how Bible Society is partnering with the UK Church through Lumino.

Welcome to Lumino

Our research identifies eight spiritual types or 'personas', based on their attitude to the Bible, faith and the values they hold.

Why Bible teaching needs to be inspirational

Dr Hugh Osgood is a Bible teacher committed to increasing Bible literacy and raising effective leaders. Among his courses is the School of Biblical Studies for Leaders, held monthly in central London.

How reading the Bible together enriches us all

Writer and blogger Revd Martine Oborne, vicar of St Michael's, Chiswick, talks about reading the BIble with a small group.

The Bible and Generation Google

In 1875 Charles Spurgeon gave a speech to Bible Society in which he urged fresh confidence in the Bible. He said: 'I do not know whether you see that lion – it is very distinctly before my eyes; a number of persons advance to attack him, while a h...

Faith, the Bible, and why we're not as divided as we think

There's a story about Christianity in the West that we've got used to hearing. The story is that it's had its day: that science has somehow disproved it, it's out of step with the modern world and that sensible people don't need it...

Bible Loving

'This book brings life! Now, how can I better share it with others?'

Bible Infrequent

'I want to make it a bigger part of my life, but I'm not sure how to make sense of it.'

Bible Nostalgic

'I like the idea that it's still there, but can it be made relevant to the next generation?'

Bible Conflicted

'I'm not sure what I think about it, to be honest. Convince me.'

Bible Uncertain

'I can see it might have potential, but I'm not sure it has much to say to me.'

Bible Cultural

'It's like Nelson's Column – part of our history, but it doesn't affect my life.'

Bible Indifferent

'I just don't care about it. I can't see why it's worth my time or energy.'

Bible Dismissive

'I'm not going to base my life on ancient myths and legends. The Bible has no kind of authority for me.'