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January 2021

  • who wrote the bible
  • how many books are in the bible
  • when was the bible written
  • what is the bible
  • how many chapters in the bible
  • how old is the bible
  • does harpercollins publish satanic bible
  • what do we believe about the bible
  • what does the bible say about sex
  • what book of the bible should i read for strength

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I read the Bible cover to cover and didn't see a single reference to the Union Jack. It's almost as if Christ was ashamed to be British.
It is quite difficult to get The Bible into Tibet. Debating Life of Brian in 1979 on The BBC.
Lets normalise praying to God and reading our Bible even when we dont need anything
Reading Christian tweets is no substitute for reading the Bible.
The Bible is a story of home, from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem. God cares deeply about how we live. Let's be a church and a nation which channels that care. #ComingHomeReport
Behind the scenes at Easter from King's, which is broadcast tonight on @BBCTwo! A selection of music for Holy Week and Easter, with readings from the King James Bible, tonight at 7pm.
The bible does not force no husband or wife to stay in a marriage with adultery! Don't start with we are asked to forgive! Yes you can forgive but you can leave walk away! If You want to stay in your marriage own it! Stop manipulating Gods word to fit your narrative! Hell is hot!
not cut out for posting controversial tweets the guilt is eating me up if u need me I'll be in bed reading the bible
In the bible, Samson was a tough man but his father Samsonite was a real hard case... #Tuesdaymorning
#GoodFriday #Easter #Easter2021 A richly illustrated #Ethiopic Bible from the late 17th century. Or 481. The item is fully digitised and you can explore it here:

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Zac Efron and brother Dylan swim with the dolphins in South Australia

He confirmed that his hit Netflix show, Down To Earth, would finally be returning for season two in 2021.

Gold statue of Trump appears at CPAC conference

The former US president will speak at the conference on Sunday

Nergal: Polish metal singer accused of blasphemy appeals for legal funds

by Adam Nergal Darski

A photograph of Nergal stepping on a picture of the Virgin Mary led to charges of blasphemy.

Viral video of Boris Johnson ‘lying to parliament’ approaches 10 million views

Lawyer Peter Stefanovic says footage is snapshot which reveals PM’s ‘pattern of behaviour has crossed the line into outright fantasy’

Zac Efron's brother Dylan finishes 14-day hotel quarantine in Sydney

The TV producer, 29, literally jumped for joy outside of the hotel as a friend filmed him on an iPhone

African American who married into the aristocracy and made it work

Rose Hulse from Santa Monica, married George Hulse, the grandson of a baronet at St George's Church, London in 2017. She shares the advice she would've given Meghan for marrying into Royal family.

Pope warns mankind faces second 'great flood' due to global warming 

Pope Francis warned that rising temperatures and melting ice caps could combine to produce a second great flood unless world leaders act to stop corruption and injustice.

A nurse who sent her jailed husband videos threatening to kill Kamala Harris was charged after the Secret Service intercepted them

Niviane Petit Phelps is accused of sending several threatening videos, was pictured at a shooting range, and applied for a concealed weapons permit.

The Archbishop Who Fears for Joe Biden’s Soul

by Emma Green

America’s second-ever Catholic president supports abortion rights, leaving the bishops unsure about how to move forward.


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Church Of Satan Approves Of Lil Nas X’s Human Blood Shoes

by Julia Banim

Lil Nas X’s controversial ‘human blood shoes’ have been given the official nod of approval from the Church of Satan. Following the release of his recent Montero (Call Me By Your Name) video, which contained plenty of devilish imagery, the 21-year-old rapper also unveiled a pair of fittingly dramatic custom sneakers. Joining forces with streetwear …

Sales Of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes Blocked With Restraining Order By Court

by Emma Rosemurgey

Lil Nas X has been banned from selling any more ‘Satan Shoes’, after a federal court issued a temporary restraining order against the company that made them. Despite the devilish customised Nike Air Max 97s selling out in less than a minute, Brooklyn-based streetwear company MSCHF will no longer be able to fulfil the 666 …

Is Satanic Panic Seeing A Comeback?

by Julia Banim

Over the past week, the now instantly recognisable sight of Lil Nas X sliding down a pole into the depths of hell has become a focal point for intense public discussion. The scene in question comes from MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), Nas’s new music video that subverts striking biblical imagery to explore themes …

Creators Of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes Reveal Whose Blood Is Actually Inside

by Emily Brown

The team behind Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ have revealed exactly whose blood was used to create the controversial sneakers.  The rapper caused a stir when he announced the release of his Satan-themed Nike Air Max 97s last week, prompting backlash from conservatives and even a lawsuit from Nike, who accused creator MSCHF of copyright infringement …

Creators Of Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes Now Offering Full Refunds Following Lawsuit

by Cameron Frew

Refunds will be issued to buyers of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan shoes’ following Nike’s lawsuit.  The customised Air Max 97s, launched by the rapper with his new song Montero (Call Me By Your Name) in collaboration with Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, attracted a huge amount of attention when they were announced, for both Nike’s legal …

Nike Launches Legal Action Over Lil Nas X And MSCHF 'Satan Shoes'

by Daniel Welsh

The adapted Nike trainers – as seen in Lil Nas X's Montero (Call Me By Your Name) music video – went on sale last week.

Pope celebrates mass of 'mercy' with prisoners, refugees

by The New Arab Staff & Agencies

Pope Francis celebrated a mass with prisoners, refugees from Syria,...

Lil Nas X Has A Major Cause For Celebration After A Week Of Controversy

by Daniel Welsh

The US rapper and singer has hit an exciting new milestone thanks to his new hit single.

Bowled over by Philip: remembering when the Prince joined Kent village cricket match

by InYourArea Community

In 1949 The Duke of Edinburgh demonstrated his spin-bowling skills in a local derby against Aldington

Yahoo Questions

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20 Apr
RE:Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by Diracpegminer

Since their beliefs are not fact and evidence-based, some will believe it until they die. In 50 years or so, it will be hard to find deniers, after they've all died off.

20 Apr
RE:Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by -

@lig and del car.  You two are new here, so you don't know the story.  It's already been discussed. First off, the OP is Georgie.  He and Dirac were approached by us to post elsewhere after Yahoo ends.  You'd think they would jump on that, right?  After all, Georgie and Dirac, you both LOVE to discuss things, right? But Georgie and Dirac declined posting elsewhere.  Why?  It's because they wouldn't get paid there.

20 Apr
RE:Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by skeptik

Of course they will.

20 Apr
RE:Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by ?

I'm with user lig.  Let's discuss on another site.  

20 Apr
RE:Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by ?

Why don't we all move to another forum and discuss this?  Who is up for it?  I have some suggestions, but pick any forum. My suggestions are below.  They are climate sites.  They have peer review, technical analysis, and news updates.  Who's in?

20 Apr
Since Darwin debunked the Bible & yet we still have Jesus-huffers, will AGW denial always be with us in some capacity?

by Split the Whisker

Posting their little propaganda from their Arctic bunker

19 Apr
RE:Round your answer to the nearest hundreds sin^-1(7/8)?

by Lynnmarie

If I have questions about sin, I go to the Bible.  ( :  Source(s): The New Testament (recommended reading)

19 Apr
RE:What does it mean when someone says a person is decent looking but not pretty not ugly but more unattractive side?

by White Clouds

It is a personal opinion of someone's appearance. You have heard the saying " beauty is in the eye of the beholder "? That means that the opinion of beauty varies a lot. What you find attractive, someone else may not and visa versa. In this case the personal opinion was that the person involved was considered not pretty. The bottom line is that the opinion of that person is his/ her personal view. I am sure that many people may find this person attractive . Opinions can also be formed with a prejudgment . Many factors are involved : like for instance : this person is out of my reach and out of spite ....I don't like her-his  appearance./ there is a jealousy issue / underlying problems like racism or a dislike or where the person is from , the kind of family, work, religion, country and so on. There kind of factor may be a reason for not liking the appearance of a person. Focussing on the appearance rather than on the good quality of a person shows a shallow judgement. Ofcourse for a relationship you need to be attracted to the person, but let's be honest.....we're not all models ?

19 Apr
RE:Why does my ex boyfriend want me over to his house long term?

by White Clouds

He wants to see other women. He is not a, loyal person and you will not have him alone if you end up with him. Is that what you want ? Yes, you can go to his house for the same reason, because you are a woman and he can take advantage of you whenever he wants. He has been very clear about that. Yes, he still finds you attractive and he has affection for you, but the affection is not deep and it is not true love. That he finds you attractive ,  you are flattered by this which is understandable , because you still love him. But for him is is nothing permanent and serious. It's just play and whenever he chooses. So, you have to ask yourself a few questions ; if he doesn't see your relationship serious and he wants to sleep around, would you still want to hang around him ? Or is it better for you to forget about this relationship and concentrate on your own happiness ? And in time find someone who does appreciate you and only loves you ?

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14 Apr
How do trinitarians explain the almost exclusive use of singular pronouns to refer to God in the Bible?
  • Answers 8
  • Views 3456
4 Apr
How do Protestants answer the Catholic accusation of historicity?
  • Answers 3
  • Views 3200
3 Apr
How do Christians who reject pre-fall death reconcile their views with the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event (66 million years ago)?
  • Answers 3
  • Views 3005
29 Mar
Can a church prohibit sacraments to people for any reason, other than mortal sin?
  • Answers 4
  • Views 2979
7 Apr
What is the biblical basis against contraception?
  • Answers 3
  • Views 1363
17 Apr
How do Trinitarians respond to the objection that God cannot be a man based on Hosea 11:9?
  • Answers 5
  • Views 1000
1 Apr
What is the biblical basis for Jesus' eternal pre-existence (as opposed to having been created a long time ago)?
  • Answers 3
  • Views 982
25 Mar
Is there a difference between "co-redeemer" and "co-redemptrix"?
  • Answers 4
  • Views 750
16 Apr
How do trinitarians understand what it means for Jesus to grow 'in favor' with God?
  • Answers 3
  • Views 741