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  • who wrote the bible
  • how many books are in the bible
  • when was the bible written
  • how many languages has the bible been translated into 2015
  • what bible verse is do unto others
  • what does the bible say about being prayed up
  • where was joseph father of jesus born in the bible
  • why worship on sunday bible
  • what the bible says about death and heaven
  • what is the bible

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- Christian books are not a replacement for study of the bible. -Sermons are not a replacement for study of the bible. -YouVersion Bible devotionals are not a replacement for study of the bible. -Your Pastors opinion is not a replacement for study of the bible.
"The Bible Is True, Just Don't Let A Liar Teach It To You"
Reflection question: Do I use the Bible to prove that I am right or to find out where I am wrong?
A lover of God's Word, Anne Boleyn supported William Tyndale who translated the Bible into English despite fierce opposition from the Catholic Church. She also protected distributers of this translation, later used as a basis for the King James version.Servetus and Tyndale Valued the Bible | JW.ORG Videos
@BBCWorld20 May
US prosecutors seek to confiscate 3,500-year-old artefact from Bible museum The Gilgamesh tablet is one of the world's oldest works of literature Bid to confiscate US museum's Gilgamesh tablet
Bid to confiscate US museum's Gilgamesh tablet
Prosecutors probe the provenance of the artefact, bought by crafts retailer Hobby Lobby for $1.67m.
@mutoni_k22 May
If we can't pray together or do Bible plans together. I don't want it
Reading Bible verses in the morning is beautiful.
Sorry but I'm going to start reading the Bible in Nigerian Pidgin English 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 This is cool😂😂😂❤️
The Magnificat is one my favourite parts of the Bible, and so relevant for the times we are living through. It sings of a God of hope for those who have the most reason to despair.
When it was first imported to Europe the potato was controversial. Priests called spuds ungodly because they had not appeared in the Bible When potatoes were the height of fashion From @1843mag
When potatoes were the height of fashion
What the history of the potato reveals about our appetite for eating insects
Please don't allow Christian influencers on Twitter (including me) define your understanding of God. Be a Berean, prayerfully go back to the bible and allow the holy sprit to guide you in truth. It's very sad going to hell because you held the TL to the same standard as the bible

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Judi Dench makes history as British Vogue's oldest ever cover star

'Age is an attitude' says Judi Dench

Little Richard dead: Music icon and rock 'n' roll pioneer dies aged 87

by Holly Christodoulou

HE was the flashy founding father of rock ’n’ roll whose music inspired artists from Elvis to The Beatles. Little Richard died yesterday at the age of 87 from bone cancer, leaving the music world m…

Neighbours and friends line the street at nurse's funeral

by Ffion Lewis

Gareth Roberts, 65, worked as a nurse for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Bid to confiscate US museum's Gilgamesh tablet

Prosecutors probe the provenance of the artefact, bought by crafts retailer Hobby Lobby for $1.67m.

Elon Musk said his and Grimes' new baby is named X Æ A-12. Grimes broke down the meaning behind each letter of the bizarre moniker.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the musician Grimes had their first child on Monday. Grimes broke down the meaning of the baby's name on Tuesday.

Trump just declared houses of worship essential. Mounting evidence shows they're super-spreader hotspots.

Trump says in-person religious services are essential. But evidence shows they can be hotbeds for coronavirus spread.

Self-isolation, tracking apps and 5G Ten arrested and police officer injured at Melbourne protest

by Michael McGowan

Melbourne Ten arrested and police officer injured at protest against Victoria's Covid-19 lockdown laws Majority of arrests for failing to comply with public health orders as protesters rallied against self-isolating, tracking apps and 5G More than 100 people turned out to protest Victoria's coronavirus lockdown laws, tracking apps and 5G after the rally was promoted on Facebook groups linked to QAnon and anti-vaxxers. Photograph: Scott Barbour/AAP Ten people have been arrested and one police officer has been hospitalised after demonstrators who gathered in Melbourne's CBD to protest against 'self-isolating, social distancing, tracking apps [and] 5G being installed' clashed with police enforcing Victoria's lockdown laws. Victoria police said on Sunday that 10 people, including two organisers, were arrested after more than 100 people turned out on the steps of Victoria's parliament on Sunday in contravention of emergency powers restricting gatherings introduced to slow the spread of Covid-19. Sign up for Guardian Australia's daily coronavirus email newsletter Footage from the Melbourne protest showed numerous confrontations between demonstrators and police. While the majority of the arrests were for failing to comply with public health orders, three people will be charged with assaulting a police officer and another for 'discharging a missile' after allegedly throwing a bottle at an officer. One officer was taken to hospital after suffering a rib injury, Victoria Police said. In a statement, a spokeswoman for Victoria police said officers would review social media footage of the protest and fine people who attended. NSW warns 'complacency biggest threat' as most states move to ease Covid-19 restrictions 'When attending the protest today, the priority for police was to quickly arrest those individuals who were acting unlawfully and inciting others to breach the chief health officer's directions,' a police spokeswoman said. 'Once police made arrests, the crowd started to disperse. Police are continuing to investigate the events of today in order to identify other people who were in attendance. Once individuals are identified, we will be issuing them with fines and will consider any other enforcement options.' The protest, which was promoted on various Facebook groups linked to fringe conspiracy groups including QAnon and various anti-vaxxers, followed a smaller demonstration in Sydney on Saturday in which a 36-year-old woman was arrested and fined while wearing a sign that read 'if you don't know your rights, you don't have any. *Magna Carta,' after refusing to provide her details to police. Demonstrators in Melbourne held signs about 5G, China and the Murray-Darling River while chanting 'arrest Bill Gates'. Various speakers claimed Covid-19 was a conspiracy orchestrated by 'globalists', while one of the main organisers of the rally, Fanos Panayides, told the crowd he promised his father he would never be microchipped. Panayides, previously a contestant on the Nine Network program Family Food Fight, was later arrested by police as he tried to find a verse from the Bible on his mobile phone. He later posted a video of himself on the train after the demonstration, saying 'innocent people were being arrested'. 'I don't have a problem with what the cops do – I never did – I just have a problem with who they do it for,' he said. 'I sat in the back of a [police] van for the first time in my life. It was quite a surreal feeling. Because I didn't fight back the police were quite respectful in terms of not causing me any harm. I didn't give them any reasons to detain me other than being guilty of a summary offence. 'Yeah, it was pretty interesting when I was trying to say that part out of Revelations about the microchip is when they came and grabbed me.' When questioned about the protests at a press conference on Sunday afternoon, the chief medical officer, Brendan Murphy, said there is a lot of 'very silly misinformation' out there, such as the 5G network spreading the virus. 'There is absolutely no evidence about 5G doing anything in the coronavirus space. I have unfortunately received a lot of communication from these conspiracy theorists myself,' Murphy said during his daily update on the Covid-19 pandemic. He also said while people had the right to protest, they should not be breaching social distancing rules and those who do 'should be held to account'. Cedar Meats cluster: why abattoir workers are on the coronavirus frontline Beyond its links to various conspiracy theories, the protest marks the first pushback against the lockdown laws introduced in Australia following the outbreak of Covid-19. Similar protests have taken place across the US, and the 'arrest Bill Gates' chant was started by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at a protest in Austin, Texas. It comes a day before the Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, is expected to announce a loosening of restrictions on smaller gatherings in line with other states. Victoria has to date maintained the strictest lockdowns of the states as it attempts to grapple with a major Covid-19 outbreak at a meat processing facility in Melbourne . It is also one of the only states which has seen significant pushback from its opposition over the laws. On Sunday Victorian health minister Jenny Mikakos called the protest 'incredibly disappointing'. 'Those individuals who are protesting today are at breach of the stay at home directive,' she said. 'I think it's incredibly disappointing that we've got people protesting against vaccines, for example. 'I know that the whole of Australia, the whole world in fact, is waiting with great anticipation [for] a potential vaccine being developed for coronavirus.'

One church's large coronavirus outbreak was traced back to a pastor and his wife who attended a service before they developed symptoms, CDC says

4 people died and 35 members of the congregation got sick, as did 26 other people who came into contact with them, according to a new CDC report.

'A Freudian nightmare' Madonna's Blond Ambition tour turns 30

by Mark Beaumont

Pop and rock 'A Freudian nightmare': Madonna's Blond Ambition tour turns 30 Three decades on, the controversy-courting concert tour is still shaping the ways female artists express their sexuality Modern Toss on Blond Ambition tour ... Express yourself... Madonna at Feyenoord Stadion, Rotterdam in 1990. Photograph: Gie Knaeps/Getty I n Toronto, Madonna simulated masturbation on a velvet bed under the watchful eye of the Canadian police, who threatened her with arrest if her show went ahead. In Italy, unions called for a general strike if Madonna performed, and Pope John Paul II declared her concert 'one of the most satanic shows in the history of humanity'. The Blond Ambition tour , which turned 30 years old last month, remains among the most controversial tours of all time. The Guide: Staying In – sign up for our home entertainment tips It seems bizarre now that so much fuss was made over a little fake frotting and a few gyrating nuns. But this was 1990, when Kylie Minogue was still performing in straw hats, Bananarama were deemed dangerous and the gossip pages raged over Annie Lennox singing Would I Lie to You in a bra. Into this age of relative wholesomeness landed Blond Ambition Madonna , on a mission to combine fashion, rock, Broadway theatricality and performance art, to 'be provocative' and 'break useless taboos'. Mission accomplished. Jean Paul Gaultier's famous conical corset has been described as a 'Freudian nightmare', a generation of teenagers asked their parents what Sämp;M stood for, and the coy suggestiveness of the live pop spectacle was blown wide open. The themed set-pieces – religion, German expressionism, art deco, Madge's rubbish new movie Dick Tracy – set a new bar for confrontational theatricality that only greater shock tactics could ever challenge. Marilyn Manson 's onstage Bible shredding is straight out of the 'Madonna 90' guidebook, and with her firework bras, stage blood and copious dry-humping, Lady Gaga looks as if she was conceived at a Blond Ambition gig. But the key taboo Madonna broke that summer was that of feminine sexuality as strength rather than titillation, as something owned by the artist not cashed in by the svengalis. That's what gave us SexKylie , ' zig-a-zig-AH! ', Wrecking Ball -era Miley and Nicki Minaj's bottom-obsessed Anaconda . It's one of the reasons female artists feel comfortable singing about sex and desire today. Sex sells, though, and more sex sells more. Over the decades, overt sexuality became the expected – nay, contractual – pop norm. Attention-grabbing boundaries were pushed to their limits, and artists were pressured to play this new, ever raunchier game. Enter Billie Eilish, defiantly covered, mocking the uber-sexualised expectations of modern pop with a film of her stripping off beneath blackened water: 'If I wear more, if I wear less, who decides what that makes me?' she intones, shaming the bodyshamers and staring out the monetisable male gaze. By asserting ownership of her body she is not re-establishing any old taboos, she's breaking the oldest one of all – subservience. Her image, her body, her art, her rules. Which was Madonna's point all along.


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Bid to confiscate US museum's Gilgamesh tablet

Prosecutors probe the provenance of the artefact, bought by crafts retailer Hobby Lobby for $1.67m.

US bible study 'Zoombombed' by child abuse

A hacker took over worshippers' computers and played 'sickening' images of child abuse, the suit says.

Devout Christian Instagram Model Gets 50 Marriage Proposals A Week

by Emily Brown

A devout Christian woman who turned to modelling after breaking up with her boyfriend now gets 50 marriage proposals a week from adoring fans.  Jessica Sunok, from Raleigh, North Carolina, started modelling professionally in 2016 and has since racked up more than 577,000 followers by showing off her glamorous life and stunning figure in pictures. …

On This Day in 2011: Prince William married Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey

by Sydney Zatz

Friday, 29 April, 2011, about two billion people are said to have watched from around the world as Prince William wed Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London. The Metropolitan Police sai…

This Christian cast doubt on pandemic experts by comparing them to Noah and the takedowns were brutal

by John Plunkett

There was a phase a little while ago when it became quite popular to ignore expert opinion. We thought the pandemic might have righted that wrong but apparently not. Well, not if you’re the Christian chap who went on Twitter – we hope it’s not too much of a leap to suggest he’s Christian – …

Trump's Push To Open Churches Contradicts Jesus' Teaching To Love Neighbours, Clergy Say

by Carol Kuruvilla

Several faith leaders are speaking out against President Donald Trump's demand that governors allow churches to reopen while the country still battles the coronavirus pandemic.According to the activist Reverend William Barber, Trump's push contradicts a fundamental tenet of the president's Christian faith ― to love your neighbour as yourself."It's a violation of loving your neighbour as yourself to do something that you know could put your neighbour in harm's way," Barber told HuffPost on Friday. "That's a fundamental violation." Barber pointed to scriptureverses that lash out at people who cling to religious customs while mistreating the poor, immigrants and other marginalised people."Those who will worship and go through religious ceremony, but don't care for justice and lifting up the poor and fighting for what is right, the Bible calls it hypocrisy, the very thing that God does not like," Barber said.Houses of worship are not essential, but true worship is: "When I was hungry, did you feed me? When I was thirsty, did you give me a drink? When I was a stranger, did you invite me in? When I was naked, did you clothe me? When I was sick and in prison, did you visit me?"— Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (@RevDrBarber) May 22, 2020Trump announced during a White House press conference on Friday that he is labelling houses of worship "essential" and calling on states to allow them to reopen over the holiday weekend. He threatened to "override" governors who defy him, although legal scholars say he lacks formal power to force governors to follow his orders."Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out houses of worship. It's not right," Trump said. "So I'm correcting this injustice by calling houses of worship essential."Trump's push aligns most closely with the priorities of white evangelicals and quickly drew praise from close evangelical allies, such as the evangelist Franklin Graham and Texas pastor Robert Jeffress. White evangelicals were more likely than other American religious groups to say they were worried that coronavirus restrictions won't be lifted quickly enough, according to a Pew Research Center survey completed on May 5. Nevertheless, there is concern even among this constituency that state governments will return to normal too quickly. Around half of white evangelicals (51%) say they are more concerned that coronavirus restrictions will be lifted too quickly.  Reverend Jim Wallis, president of the progressive Christian group Sojourners, called on people of faith to stay at home "until it is healthy and safe to gather again." Like Barber, Wallis said that this was a way to live out Jesus' teaching to love your neighbour."We all want to go back to our corporate church gatherings — but only when that is safe, being very careful not to infect each other or our neighbours with a virus," Wallis told HuffPost. "Keeping houses of worship closed until safety is secured is a direct action to love and protect our neighbours," he added.More Christian clergy chimed in on Twitter to criticsze Trump's move:Today, Donald Trump insisted that all houses of worship in the United States should reopen this weekend. That call will cost lives. People of faith should ignore the president and listen instead to public health officials. #COVIDー— Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie (@RevChuckCurrie) May 22, 2020I'd rather my parish be an online hotspot of the gospel rather than an in-person hotspot of COVID-19. But thanks for asking.— Tim Schenck (@FatherTim) May 22, 2020* opens twitter ** sighs ** closes twitter ** locks church doors, goes home, uploads worship video for Sunday, continues following Christ's call to be a shepherd who protects the lives of the sheep *— Rev. Emmy Kegler (@emmykegler) May 22, 2020Churches shouldn't open until local authorities determine it is safe for them to do so, said Reverend James Martin, editor at large of the Catholic magazine America. Trump's broad attempt to pressure every governor to allow houses of worship to reopen "will just lead to more infections and death, especially among the most vulnerable," he told HuffPost.The desire to worship in person must be tempered by concern for others' safety, Martin said."It's not just about 'your desire,' holy though it may be," Martin told HuffPost. "Wearing a mask, keeping social distance and even not gathering in church is a way of protecting others ― and of loving others.""Essentially, it's not just about you ― especially if you're asymptomatic," he said. Barber, co-chair of the Poor People's Campaign, has led a campaign calling on people to "stay in place" and "stay alive" in areas where authorities are reopening against the advice of public health officials and other experts.It has been weeks since Barber worshipped in person with his faith community, North Carolina's Greenleaf Christian Church. But he insists that doesn't mean his church stopped being a church. Church members have been having Bible studies and worshipping online, serving meals to the hungry, checking in on seniors, and organizing civic participation, he said.Church buildings are important, but in the end, they're just buildings, Barber said."Do they have importance? Yes, but even those buildings are not more important than people doing the will of the Lord, being the church, being the transforming agent in communities," he said. "Ultimately for Christians, Jesus didn't spend most of his time in a building, he spent his time with people ― the poor, the sick, the blind, the lame, the leper. That's what Jesus did."Related... This Is What Happens When A Global Pandemic Lands Just As Your Ambitions Are Taking Off How I Cope: Looking Out Of My Window Has Become My New Favourite Pastime Boris Johnson Refuses To Fire Dominic Cummings Despite Lockdown Allegations

Scots quadruple amputee scales Everest without leaving home in NHS gesture

by Oliver Norton

A QUADRUPLE amputee scaled the height of the world’s tallest mountain — without leaving his home. Jamie Andrew, 50, conquered the equivalent of 8,850 metre-high Mount Everest in just four days inst…

7 ways to grow your spiritual connection during lockdown

by Urenna Kiwanuka

It's a strange and difficult time for most people, and for those in a dating relationship, it raises a lot of questions. One thing that's certain is that it's still possible to grow spiritually even if you can't meet in person. If you're currently dating someone and looking for ways to develop the spiritual side of your relationship, here are some ways you could do that. Attending virtual church together. Many churches are now having their services online, and you can invite each other to your church service if you don't attend the same church. You can then meet up virtually afterwards and discuss the sermon or other aspects of the service. Worshiping together. There are so many ways to worship, but one way you can do this with someone you're dating is by listening to worship songs together. Even if you don't like the same style of music, you can still appreciate what each other listens to. For example, you can both bring a list of songs that you like, and take turns listening to each song. You can share why you like a particular song, how it draws you closer to God, and how it helps you worship Him. Reading the Bible together. Another way you can develop the spiritual side of your relationship is by reading the Bible together. You can choose a book in the Bible to go through, read a chapter together when you meet virtually, or read it before you meet and talk about what you took from it when you meet. If you're not sure about what to ask, you can use a Bible study tool to guide your conversations. Reading a Christian book together. You could also choose a Christian book to read together and discuss what your thoughts are along the way, and what you feel like God is saying to you in each chapter. Listening to a Christian podcast together. If you're into podcasts, there are some great Christian podcasts out there, and you can pick one that interests you both, and listen to an episode prior to catching up and talking about what you took from, or thought about the episode. As you listen, write down the thoughts that pop into your mind, and potential questions to ask the other person when you meet up. Praying together. Prayer is immensely powerful, and the main way through which we communicate with God. If you're in a committed dating relationship, praying together allows the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your conversations and draws you closer to each other as you pray and ask God's continued guidance for your relationship. Doing a course together. If you're at the stage of your relationship where you're considering marriage, I would recommend that you do a pre-marriage course. There are various courses out there but the HTB pre-marriage course is now available online so you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Doing a course together allows you to invest in your relationship, and highlights areas that you may need to spend more time talking about, prior to getting engaged or getting married. Developing the spiritual aspect of a dating relationship is vital and restrictions posed by the Coronavirus shouldn't mean that this side of your relationship is placed on hold. If you're committed to each other, the current situation can be a great opportunity to invest in your relationship spiritually, setting yourself up with a solid foundation that you can continue to build upon when you finally meet again  – or for the first time – physically.

Coronavirus: why are men less likely to wear face masks?

by Tim Edwards

And other stories from the stranger side of life

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25 May
How old were you when you figure out the bible was bullshit?

Promoted Anonymous Anonymous asked in Society ämp; Culture Religion ämp; Spirituality · 17 mins ago How old were you when you figure out the bible was bullshit? Thus I came—despite the fact that I was the son of entirely irreligious (Jewish) parents—to a deep religiosity, which, however, found an abrupt ending at the age of 12. Through the reading of popular scientific books I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true. Albert Einstein. 9 Answers Relevance About 10 I'd said - although I had doubts about the stories long before that. Log in to reply to the answers When I was young, I thought the stories of Jews in ancient times sounded a lot like a child's storybook tales, so I didn't take them seriously.  Later, friends would scoff at the stories of Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark because they were obviously false.  That, and the fact that no supernatural acts have ever been verified, led me to conclude that Christianity--and all religions--is a fraud. Log in to reply to the answers Anonymous

25 May
Was Mary Magdalene the daughter of the old washer woman?

she was only nine years of age. This fact is totally ignored  by every current Bible because it would eliminate any  chance of her being a virgin when Jesus was thought to  have been conceived.  Log in to reply to the answers Fictional characters can be and usually are born into important families as if it makes them look special.  One fictional character I've heard of was born to a lowly carpenter and a virgin mother.      Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. no she was a leader of bandits hiding in the desert and her husband was Jhesus. I cant remember how many children they had Source(s): original hebrew text of the bible Log in to reply to the answers

25 May
Do Christians marry more than one? If you marry and divorce and remarry, aren't you basically a Muslim having more than 4 wives?

Do Christians marry more than one? If you marry and divorce and remarry, aren't you basically a Muslim having more than 4 wives? 10 Answers Relevance Anonymous 2 mins ago Divorce is only allowed on the grounds of adultery in the Bible and some Bibles have translated that as fornication.  If you get divorced it means you are no longer married and you do not have lots of wives or husbands. There is a religion that originated in the United States and at one time over a century ago where they had more than one wife but now it is against the law for them to do that in the United States. Log in to reply to the answers Anonymous 3 mins ago Yes, if you marry twice, you have more than four wives.  That's good math. And yes, "Muslim" means "having more than four wives", and *only* that.   Are you a theology professor, perhaps also a math teacher on the side? Log in to reply to the answers The usual thought is you get married to one person only for the rest of your life. For better or worse. Let no one come between. However, the new thought shared by a lot of people is you get married, for better or worse until something better comes along. Even if you marry and divorce 4 times, it's not the same as having 4 spouses at the same time. Log in to reply to the answers No. When one mate dies, the other is free to marry again. (Romans 7:2) "For instance, a married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is alive; but if her husband dies, she is released from the law of her husband." Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Anonymous 17 mins ago No, because nobody would have them at the same time.  And divorce and remarrying are forgiven as all things are forgiven, by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Furthermore, muslim beliefs lead a person to hell since they reject the truths that the Lord Jesus Christ is God and Savior.  So get away completely from muslim beliefs. Here is the truth:  Death leads to immediate heaven or hell. The only way to have eternal life, the only way to be in heaven and avoid hell, is by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life (John 6:47).  It is that simple and that easy.  It is too late to be saved after death.  Jesus is God and Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood to pay for all of our sins in full, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:3-4).  Nothing else pays for our sins, not works from us or anything else, and Jesus already paid for our sins with His death and blood.  You cannot add any works to getting into heaven (Romans 4:5) Log in to reply to the answers Mormons can have more too

25 May
when far right dailymail asks boris johnson, What planet is he on? is it time serial liar boris johnson found some integrity?

Promoted Anonymous Anonymous asked in News ämp; Events Current Events · 54 mins ago when far right dailymail asks boris johnson, What planet is he on? is it time serial liar boris johnson found some integrity? 2 Answers Relevance Some DM commenters were saying the papers gone left-wing 😂. The Boris cult is worse than the Farage cult. Log in to reply to the answers Now how are the dogmatics going to accept their bible criticising Jesus ?  giving me a thumbs down and feeling better it's the remainers the immigrants Europe what a pathetic state we have decended too never thought I would see this day lunatics running the asylum  Log in to reply to the answers Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.

25 May
What do you think about the bible? | Yahoo Answers

Promoted 21 Answers Relevance The fact of the matter: It is the living word of life, it is the only thing that can save man from their sins, because of all of the stupid mistakes we have made in the passed, only by God grace are some saved, and most will reject it, but the ones the truly receive the gift of life, they will never get enough of God holy word the living waters of life, God The Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior holy word the bible, once God has truly saved you by grace, read Colossians 2:13, read Ephesians 2:1-10, read John 4:10, read Song of Solomon 4:15, read Isaiah 43:2, read Isaiah 55:1, read Jeremiah 2:13, read John 7:38, read Revelation 22:17 Source(s): King James holy bible Log in to reply to the answers The bible at present written by the human hands in the languages foreign to Jesus and his Israelites people. Log in to reply to the answers It has parts distorted, misinterpreted, mistranslated, excluded and included. Some of its teachings were only for those times and places.  Log in to reply to the answers The bible does what is supposed to.

24 May
Marriage used to be a sacrament, the bonding of two souls.Nowadays it's reduced to being a mere contract.Is it due to increasing Godlessness?

Promoted 17 Answers Relevance The fact of the matter: It depends on if they are both true believers of God or if they are unbelievers of God the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior holy word the bible only. That is why the bible is shaper than any twoedged sword, read Hebrews 4:12 read 2 Corinthians 2 Corinthians 2:15-17 Source(s): King James holy bible Log in to reply to the answers Is it... Im an atheist and so is my wife. We have been married for over 25 yrs and in the most happy years::: We see and live our marriage as a commitment Despite needing no religious organisation to sanctify it.....We dont want or need the religious mumbo jumbo either in all be happily married.... Marriage is sacred and is meant to be eternal. The early Christian church conducted marriages by priesthood authority. The Catholic church kept the tradition, though is has become corrupted. And by extension, protestant churches still conduct marriages as a religious practice. The sacred institution of marriage has been greatly watered down in modern Christian churches. Log in to reply to the answers I don't know what you're talking about.  Marriage has always been a Sacrament in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. It is still a sacrament for Christians; just not others. Log in to reply to the answers

24 May
If being gay is genetic, how do you explain those who have abandoned the homosexual lifestyle after accepting Christ? 28 answers

Promoted 28 Answers Relevance I explain it as homosexuals pretending not to be homosexuals. Choosing not to have sex before marriage doesn't mean you don't have sexual desires, you just choose not to act on who you naturally are, a sexual being, which isn't easy, which is why there are not many virgins getting married. Log in to reply to the answers It never lasts very long. Even the founders of Exodus International finally admitted that conversion therapy doesn't work and people are still gay afterward. All that happened is that they learned to lie about it or to bury their preferences. How would I explain it? They have changed their lifestyle for their religion.  They will still have homosexual feelings, in the same way a married man might have feelings for another woman other than his wife. Whether that man breaks his vows would be a decision that they made  Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Ok if you think God did is the same way the God did the President of the National Association of Evangelicals already married Ted Haggard who had advocated against the legalization of same-sex marriage later admitted to commit adultery having used drugs, participated in some sexual activity with a male prostitute for years, and engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a young man who attended New Life Church Haggard was the founder and former pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado... God did it Log in to reply to the answers Can a person be born homosexual? The Bible doesn't comment directly on the biology of homosexual desires, though it acknowledges that we are all born with a tendency to go against what God commands. (Romans 7:21-25) Rather than focus on the cause of homosexual desires, however, the Bible prohibits homosexual acts. Apostle Paul said that is what some of you were, showing that they had changed their lifestyle. 1 Cor. 6:9-11: Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men will inherit God's kingdom. And yet that is what some of you were. Regardless of such a background, if persons abandon their former unclean practices, apply God's righteous standards, and exercise faith in his provision for forgiveness of sins through Christ, they can enjoy a clean standing before God. They are mostly still gay. Just now they are either kidding themselves, marrying women to please "GOD" or If sincerely now heterosexual, they are in a small minority.  For every "real" conversion there are plenty of back sliders and disappointed wives.  Log in to reply to the answers Being gay is not the same as leading a homosexual lifestyle.

24 May
Why do most "churches" preach false doctrines ? | Yahoo Answers

Promoted 15 Answers Relevance One possible answer is that YOIUR Creator wants as MANY people as possible to end up in the Happy Place, but He is simply TOO F[intercourse]ING STUPID to think up more than ONE valid Pathway. If you prefer to Sincerely Believe that YOUR  Creator really IS stupid, there is no way I can imagine, to convince you otherwise. As or myself, I find it more reasonable to doubt the xistence of ALL Gods and Goddesses, than to convince myself to worship one which is as stupid as YOU imply YOURS is. Please note: A Thumbs DOWN does not prove that your favourite God does exist, whether stupid or smart. Log in to reply to the answers The fact of the matter: Yes It does, read Isaiah 9:6, read Jude 1:25, Also God and Lord are the same things they are interchangeably, that is why you can see in the old testament and in the new testament they mean the same thing they both mean God Source(s): King James holy bible Log in to reply to the answers   The Bible foretold that after the death of the apostles, wrong teachings and unchristian practices would come into the Christian congregation. (Matthew 7:15,21-23; Akts 20:29,30.  That is why we see so many different religions that claim to be Christian. How can we identify true Christians ? Go to the site: Log in to reply to the answers Does it matter? Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Jesus claimed to be God - John 8:24; 8:56-59 (see Exodus 3:14); John 10:30-33 Jesus is called God - John 1:1,14; 20:28; Col. 2:9; Titus 2:13; Heb. 1:8 Jesus is the image of the invisible God - Heb. 1:3 Jesus abides forever - Heb. 7:24

24 May
What would have happened if Hitler never declared war on the US?

Anonymous Anonymous asked in Arts ämp; Humanities History · 9 hours ago What would have happened if Hitler never declared war on the US? 9 Answers Relevance Hitler would still have lost, since Bible prophecy clearly states that Israel is destined to rule the world, with Jesus as their Messiah and King (Isaiah 2:3, KJV). Log in to reply to the answers Anonymous 3 hours ago The US would have declared war on Germany over German u-boats sinking US ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Log in to reply to the answers (My, the uneducated are out in force today...) The only reason Hitler declared war on the United States was that Roosevelt had succeeded in forcing the hand of Congress to give him the thumbs up to get involved in the European conflict against Germany. It was Roosevelt who was largely responsible for intensifying the friction between Germany and Poland. His New Deal programs were failures and rather than let the American people judge him in that context, he needed to create a distraction - starting a war against Germany. He already had Zionist advisers whispering in his ear after declaring war on Germany in 1933. And after the New Deal fiasco, Roosevelt sought another way to end the Great Depression by creating employment, as wars are well known for doing. He couldn't get Congress to support him since the United States was maintaining an isolationist position. What he had to do was bring the war to America - which he did by provoking the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (using just an ounce of common sense, why would a country as small as Japan throw down the gauntlet against such a powerful country as the United States without being provoked into doing so? It would have been suicidal, to say the least). Hitler was following Roosevelt's actions and knew what he was doing to provoke a conflict with Poland. He knew also that as long as the United States remained isolationists, there was no threat from them. The moment FDR got Japan to attack America, Hitler knew that he was next - FDR got the okay to get involved in the European conflict. THIS is the only reason Hitler declared war on the US. Other than what the foolhardy Roosevelt was doing to start a war with Germany, Hitler liked and respected the Americans, just as he did the British (Churchill ruined that one). Thus, to give a more direct answer to your question - nothing. Hitler declared war on the US as a direct response to what Roosevelt did to involve the US in the war against Germany. Had Roosevelt not been a traitor, and had he not been so controlled by Zionism, America would have stayed out of the war. he would still have Lost he was losing in October 1940 Log in to reply to the answers What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Come on! Do you think that would make any difference at all to FDR? GET A GRIPP! 

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According to the Bible and the Jehovah Witnesses themselves they would be considered "Polytheist." That is the belief in more than one God
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According to Catholics, who are "the elect"?
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Can one pray for something "bad" to happen to yourself?
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Is the Holy Spirit a Spirit of a Spirit? (Protestants only please)
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Does the Catholic Church have a contingency plan for the case that the pope and all cardinals are dead?
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if you believe that Messiah Jesus is a human being what logic you have to guess that he could be a God or son of God?
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Which Christian Church today stems back to the original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ?
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Pharaoh had free will?
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